Welcome to 24/7 Merchant Mart's Chargeback Protection Program 

It is undeniable that our US economy is driven by small businesses. Being one of them, 24/7 Merchant Mart understands first-hand the difficulties millions of such businesses have been exposed to over the years. Operational cost, taxes and other expenses may be the least of a small business owner's worries when customers' habits to dispute transactions frequently hinder their company's growth.

24/7 Merchant Mart indeed recognizes that in case of a transaction dispute, credit card companies quickly tend to side with the customer, all while keeping their own client's interest in mind without hearing the merchant's side of the story. Despite the customer still holding the small business owner's merchandize, in no time, the business therefore is often hit with a chargeback.

Being a small business, 24/7 Merchant Mart decided that it was time to hear the merchant's story. We believe that no small business should ever be treated as 'guilty until proven innocent' which is why we decided to side with the merchant instead. Our unique chargeback protection program allows small businesses to prepare against unexpected transaction disputes and stops credit card companies from awarding customers with funds which truthfully belong to the merchant.

24/7 Merchant Mart is dedicated to serve and protect small businesses so that they can continue to grow and be the heart of our US economy.

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